Hi Fran

I just wanted to say thank you for our gorgeous cake. It looked great and so many people have contacted us since telling us how delicious the cake was. We appreciate all the time and hard work that was put in to it. The cake looks so good that I am having trouble getting Anthony to eat the spare cup cakes you put aside for us. :)

Thanks Again,
Lesley & Anthony

Sorry for my tardiness, but THANK YOU XOXOXOXOX for the AMAZING wedding cake for our wedding. Oh my goodness, words cannot describe the joy that your cake brought to us. It truly was perfect and just want we had wanted (even though Rowen didn’t know he wanted it before the wedding!!!). You really are gifted. Dad shed a tear when he realised his signature was on the cake. Thank you. I am so grateful that we met, and you were willing to let us in your home on our first meeting.

Your kindness, flexibility and ability to make the best tasting wedding
cake we have ever had (truly don’t think we are being biased) made our wedding all the more special to us with the most beautiful wedding cake. Even Rowen’s grandma was extremely impressed, and she too had said it was one of the best wedding cakes she has had… and at 87 yrs of age she makes a mean cake!!

It was a blessing to have you, your enthusiasm and kindness as part of our wedding day. We really felt that the day was an excellent a
reflection of us, and neither of us would have changed a thing.

Thank you Fran, you are a star!!
Take care, xoxoxox
K-J and Rowen

Thank you so much Fran!
The cake was absolutely amazing!!! Everyone commented on how beautiful & yummy they were!
They matched in with the decorations and my flowers perfectly!

(I knew they would be amazing)

We leave for our honeymoon tonight but just couldn’t leave without saying a big thank you!!

xxx Matt & Ruby

Youth Insearch: Adults and Teens Mentoring for Success

Youth Insearch: Adults and Teens Mentoring for Success

Youth Insearch is a community-based organization, birthed in 1985 by a youth counselor who saw the need to address problems of troubled teens within communities. The program concentrates on helping at-risk youth between 12 and 17 years of age. A very successful strategy of the program is that it allows peer youth and alumni to reach across and back to help others through the program. The success rate has been tremendous and has allowed lifelong friendships to be formed among the youth and with adults who show them love and help them gain success. Located in Sydney Australia, the main goal of Youth Insearch is to “empower youth…of Australia…to develop self-esteem and give back to society.”

Story 1: An angry, suicidal, fourteen-year-old girl receives her first real hug and gains a father and a new life. That girl recently completed high school and comes back to Youth Insearch to positively change the lives of other teens.

Story 2: A 7-year-old little girl with an absent father and addicted mother, takes care of her seriously ill brother(who has a lung disease). She is told to get out of the house at age 13 and finds Youth Insearch, which has changed her life and given her courage to achieve her best in life. 

Story 3: A boy of 13 was dealing with parental abandonment, drugs, theft, and an eating disorder, came to Youth Insearch three years ago. Today he is living with his father again and has stopped stealing while still getting help from the program. He was even able to help his girlfriend deal with her depression because she attended the weekend programs with him.

These stories are just some of the those that went from sorrow to success through the Youth Insearch Program. “Love in Action” is one of their logos and they practice what they preach in helping troubled teens get on the right track to a bright future.